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Dry Cat Food

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Dry cat food is a convenient and economical way to ensure that your cat or kitten gets all the essential nutrition he or she needs.

The believers of dry food over canned food point to 3 main benefits; convenience, cost, and weight gain. In addition to being more convenient and affordable for cat owners, some cats who eat only canned food are more likely to put on weight which leads to other more serious health complications.

But which dry cat food is best for you?

The first question to ask is how old is your cat. Kittens have very different nutrient needs to older cats. Kittens require a very specific nutrient rich diet which is packed full of protein to support growth. On the other hand, older cats 7 years and up require a diet of reduced calories so they don’t suddenly put on weight in their later years when they’re less active.

Other factors come down to any specific issues with your cat. For example, does your cat have teeth issues? Is your cat always dealing with hairballs? Is your cat starting to look a little bigger and softer around the edges?

There are different dry cat foods targeting all these issues. Advance Cat Kitten Growth for kittens, or Hills Science Diet Feline Oral Care or teeth issues, or Hills Science Diet Feline Hairball Adult for hairball issues and so on and so on. Each of these are great all-around nutritious options while also targeting whatever specific issue or concern you have. Of course, when in doubt, you should always speak with your vet for advice!

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