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Wet Cat Food

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Wet cat food can be more work but its supporters argue the benefits are well worth it! Most cats tend to drink less water than they should and canned food has a much higher moisture content than dry kibble. Sneaking some water in their food helps make sure cats are getting the water they need!

Once you’ve made the decision to choose wet cat food, there’s a couple more questions you should ask yourself. While we only stock high quality premium brands, there are still many options and the number of choices can be confusing. It is important that you take your time, read the descriptions and choose the right option for you.

Does your cat have specific needs that would benefit from a specific diet? For example:

The main thing to remember when buying cat food is that quality matters. Budget supermarket brands are basically the fast food equivalent of cat food. These brands use lower quality ingredients that are usually high in fillers and contain little nutritional value. Inadequate nutrition directly impacts your cat’s health and happiness, and increases the risk of behavioural problems like scratching, anxiety and anti-social behaviour.

At Pet Supplies Empire, we only stock wet cat food brands which pass our strict nutritional requirements. As long as you shop here, you are buying quality!