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Cat Accessories

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Our cat accessories include cat leads and harnesses which are designed for the growing number of cat owners who want to walk their cat for some exercise and safe exposure to the outdoors. If you are planning and walking your cat, it is strongly recommended that you do use a cat harness rather than a collar. This is because harnesses prevent potentially harmful pressure being applied to the neck by dispersing that same pressure across your cat’s chest and back. Make sure you choose the right size for your cat to make sure it’s safe and comfortable. And don’t forget to make sure you get the right colour to suit your cat’s style!

Our best selling lead and harness set recently has been the Rogz Kiddycat Harness!

Our LED collar lights are also a great safety accessory for your cat. If you have a cat which likes to wander the streets at night, you should definitely consider getting either an LED collar or the collar light accessory.