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Cat Clippers & Scissors

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An important and practical need for cat grooming is to help with hair shedding. If your cat’s hair is getting out of control and brushing isn’t quite doing the trick, have a look at our cat clippers & scissors. Cutting back your cat’s hair with the right clippers or scissors will help reduce hair balls for your cat and also mean less hair around the house to annoy you!

We stock only the highest quality cat clippers & scissors. It’s not rocket science and there’s just no point in stocking too many options so we set out to find the best cat scissors and the best cat clippers and stick to those.

For those that want the best, the Wahl cordless clippers are a professional set of clippers designed for dogs and cats of all hair types.

Grooming doesn’t have to be chore! With the right grooming supplies, cat grooming can be an easy and rewarding time. Beside the obvious benefits of keeping your cat clean and healthy, there are 2 important benefits of putting in the time to groom your cat. Firstly, cat grooming can help build the bond between you and your cat – especially when they are kittens. Secondly, there’s a much better chance of you identifying any health issues or injuries on your cat such as fleas, cuts, and skin irritations.