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Cat Nail Clippers

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Grooming isn’t just limited to hair control. Many cats grow long nails which can be uncomfortable for them and dangerous for your family. Trimming cat nails is a difficult task and can be quite painful for your cat if not done properly. Our latest safety cat nail clippers from Rufus & Coco have made this once daunting task much easier.

Grooming doesn’t have to be chore! With the right grooming supplies, cat grooming can be an easy and rewarding time. Beside the obvious benefits of keeping your cat clean and healthy, there are 2 important benefits of putting in the time to groom your cat. Firstly, cat grooming can help build the bond between you and your cat – especially when they are kittens. Secondly, there’s a much better chance of you identifying any health issues or injuries on your cat such as fleas, cuts, and skin irritations.