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Cat Litter


Litter, or kitty litter, comes in 3 main categories; clumping cat litter, cat litter crystals and natural cat litter. If this is your first time buying litter, make sure you read the descriptions of each type so you can be sure you’re getting the litter that best suits you and your cat! If you’re looking for the most natural and environmentally friendly litter, check out Breeders Choice. Breeders Choice is made with over 99% recycled paper, and is and is highly absorbent and long-lasting. It is also made with no additives or chemicals. And as the pellets are biodegradable, it works as an effective garden mulch after use! This also helps to reduce the amount of litter sent to landfill.

We stock the most trusted brand for each type of litter at guaranteed best prices. This is backed up by our price matching policy.

We also offer aut0-ship so you can set your frequency and never have to worry about running out of litter again!