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Oz Pet Animal Litter

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Oz Pet Animal Cat Litter is made out of wood pellets, manufactured from waste plantation sawdust. The most environmentally friendly biodegradable cat litter, it provides maximum absorbency and odour control for your cat litter tray. Oz Pet Animal Litter is also 100% organic and safe and contains no additives or chemicals!

Oz Pet Animal Litter is able to soak up 3 to 4 times its own weight making it extremely absorbent. The natural eucalyptus oil contained within the litter also helps to stop bacterial growth for reduced litter tray odour. Because Oz Pet Litter is fully biodegradable, you can also use it as compost or mulch after use.

As well as cats, Oz Pet Animal Litter is suitable for use with rats, mice, guinea pigs, reptiles and birds.

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