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LED Dog Accessories


Pet Supplies Empire has been the lead Australian provider of LED accessories since day 1. We pride ourselves on being the sole distributor of Loomo, the highest quality LED brand in Australia. Loomo products are made with a focus on durability, style and safety. Loomo’s range includes: LED Dog Collars, LED Dog HarnessesLED Dog Leads, LED Dog Coats & LED Safety Accessories.

Safety, Safety, Safety!

Every year more of us are walking our dogs at night and more cats are leaving their apartments to explore the world. The unfortunate result is that every year there are more and more things going wrong. The more common issues include:

  • A speeding car not seeing you or your pet walking before it’s too late, particularly in the suburbs.
  • Cats being hit by cars at night because drivers can’t see them ahead.
  • Dogs off the lead at night chasing something and getting lost, particularly in parks or when the opportunity to chase a stray cat presents itself.

Any pet owner who ever spent time in the waiting room of an all-night vet has probably been witness to some of these. It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you until it does. Luckily there are simple ways to reduce the risk for you and your loving pet.

LED tech has come a long way!

These days LED light accessories for your pet are cheap, easy to use, high quality, and very affective at minimising these risks. Whether it be an LED collar or collar light attachment for your cat, or an LED harness or coat for your dog, they will dramatically increase your pet’s visibility at night.

Also, for those who love taking their dogs to the park but can only do it on weekends when there’s time during the day, LED balls are a great way to make playing fetch at night a ‘walk in the park’ once again!