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Automatic Dog Feeder

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Why settle for a plain old dog bowl when you can have so much more! An automatic dog feeder allow you to feed your dog even when you’re not at home! With the Automatic Pet Feeder, you can store food to be served at different times of the day and even include a recorded voice message to dog when it’s meal time! Or, if you’re looking for an automatic feeder which also doubles as an interactive dog toy, check out the new Foobler!

The choices aren’t just limited to food. You can automate your water bowls too! The Drinkwell Pet Fountain has a 5 inch free-falling water stream and holds up to 50 ounces of water. This automated water dispenser also has a charcoal filter to keep your dog’s water clean and fresh throughout the day!

Increase your options at home by checking out our automatic feeders at guaranteed best prices!