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Dog Clean Up

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Cleaning up after your dog doesn’t have to be a chore if you have the right products. We offer a select range of clean up products at guaranteed lowest prices.

Our range includes products to assist you with toilet training, toilet clean up, and other cleaning materials to disinfect areas of regular use.

Our Simple Solution products include toilet training accessories and environmentally friendly training pads. These will help you toilet train your dog faster and make your life easier again!

Are you looking for accessories to assist with you cleaning up dog poo? Check out our light weight Bon Ton Nano biodegradable poo bags and poo bag holders.

If you need to disinfect and clean areas such as floors, walls, kennels or cages, look no further than Fidos Hydrobath Flush. This broad spectrum antiseptic cleaner combines economy, good antiseptic properties, effective cleaning and a pleasant fragrance.