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Dog Poo Accessories

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We stock a range of dog poo accessories at guaranteed best prices which is backed up by our price matching policy.

Are you looking for accessories to assist with you cleaning up dog poo? Check out our light weight Bon Ton Nano biodegradable poo bags and poo bag holders.

Our Simple Solution products include toilet training accessories and environmentally friendly training pads. These will help you toilet train your dog faster and make your life easier again! If you’re looking for tips on toilet training your puppy, we think this is the best method:

o   Decide from day 1 where specifically you want your puppy to do its business and leave a bag of treats there. If it’s outside, consider putting a Simple Solution Pee Post Pheromone Stake there to encourage that exact location. If it’s inside, spray Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Aid in the area to accomplish the same result.

o   Take your puppy there every hour and wait.

o   If your puppy does a wee or poo, go ballistic with praise, pats and treats – the entire neighbourhood should be able to hear and know exactly what is happening.

o   Puppies don’t have a great ability to hold when they need to go. If you fail to take them outside regularly to give them the opportunity to wee or poo and as a result they do something inside, rub your own nose in whatever is there as you have no one to blame but yourself!