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Puppy Training Pads

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Our best seller is the Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Pads. These environmentally friendly pads will help you house train your puppy while still reducing landfill!

For best results, use in conjunction with Simple Solution Eco-Care Training Aid. Simply spray over the pads to encourage your puppy to do its business in the right spot.

If you’re looking for tips on toilet training your puppy, we think this is the best method:

o   Decide from day 1 where specifically you want your puppy to do its business and leave a bag of treats there. If you’re relying on training pads inside the hours, use with the training aid spray as mentioned above.

o   Take your puppy there every hour and wait.

o   If your puppy does a wee or poo, go ballistic with praise, pats and treats – the entire neighbourhood should be able to hear and know exactly what is happening!