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Dog Collars

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The dog collar is probably the most permanent accessory your dog will have. From a safety point of view, it is always important for doga to be wearing their dog collars as this is what your dog’s ID tag is attached to. ID tags are an important way for people to know how to contact you if your dog becomes lost.

It’s important to select a dog collar that is comfortable, practical, durable and meets your (and your dog’s) stylistic preferences! We stock a range of dog collars to meet your needs although our best sellers are our leather dog collars for their quality and durability and our latest Loomo LED dog collars which help keep your dog safe at night!

If you’re looking for a dog collar which is a little different and more stylish, check out our new Tippytap bow ties!

Walking time can be one of the most exciting times of the day for your dog. But depending on your dog and where you are walking, it can be uncomfortable for you and not safe for either of you. That’s why having the dog walking accessories that most suit you and your needs is important.