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Travel Accessories

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We’ve collated here a range of dog travel accessories suitable for dog owners who find themselves regularly on the road with their dog.

If your dog is spending a lot of time in the car with you, check out the Prestige Car Protection Mat. This will help keep your car clean from dirt, mud and slobber!

Another very popular dog car accessory is the Prestige Adjustable Dog Seat Belt. Seat belts don’t just save human lives, but dogs too. If you’re regularly on the road with your dog, this is a very important travel accessory for you.

For those wanting to take their dog’s entertainment with them to a friends house, a holiday, or anywhere in between, check out our interactive dog toys from iFetch! These automated toys will keep your dog entertained for hours!

Our best selling dog travel accessory is the Popware Collapsible Travel Cup. This fully collapsible and highly portable travel accessory will mean you can easily give your dog food or water wherever you are!