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LED Dog Harnesses

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LED dog harnesses are the ultimate safety accessory.

Firstly, harnesses are strongly recommended by vets for certain dog breeds instead of collars. This is because some dog breeds are particularly vulnerable to medical issues arising from too much consistent pressure on the throat and neck. Dog harnesses remove the pressure from the neck and disperse it evenly across the dog’s chest and back.

Secondly, the LED dog harness will help you and others to see your dog when you’re walking it after hours. This significantly reduces the risk of losing your dog track of where your dog is at night or a car not seeing it.

We stock 2 different styles of LED dog harnesses. Each comes in different sizes and colours. The main different is that the mesh harness is fully USB rechargeable while the other Loomo harness is battery powered. Make sure you read the product descriptions of each to make sure you get the right LED harness for you and your dog!

The Loomo Story:

Every year more of us are walking our dogs at night and more cats are leaving their apartments to explore the world. The unfortunate result is that every year there are more and more things going wrong. Any pet owner who ever spent time in the waiting room of an all-night vet has probably been witness to some of these. It’s one of those things you never think will happen to you until it does. Luckily there are simple ways to reduce the risk for you and your loving pet.

Walking time can be one of the most exciting times of the day for your dog. But depending on your dog and where you are walking, it can be uncomfortable for you and not safe for either of you. That’s why having the dog walking accessories that most suit you and your needs is important. These days LED accessories for your pet are affordable, easy to use, high quality, and very effective at minimising these risks. Whether it be an LED collar or collar light attachment, or an LED harness or coat, or even just an LED lead, they will dramatically increase your pet’s visibility at night.

Loomo is a reliable Australian owned brand promising quality LED products you can count on. Loomo is committed to helping Australians solve this problem and make our loving pets and their owners as safe as possible. The majority of Loomo’s products are USB rechargeable so you never have to worry about batteries again!