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Dog Feeding


Choosing the right dog bowl for you and your dog depends on a few things. Is the dog bowl going inside or outside? Do you want to be able to travel with it? How do you plan on cleaning the dog bowl? What size dog do you have? Would you prefer a particular colour? Check out our range of dog bowls from durable stainless steel bowls perfect for outdoors, to hygienic ceramic bowls with great colours and designs, to collapsible dog bowls which are perfect for travelling and keeping your dog hydrated when on the move. Our range of dog feeder accessories will include the perfect one for you and your favourite dog!

Eating is probably the biggest joy in your dog’s life and, with the right dog feeder accessories, you can make it even more enjoyable. While your dog probably won’t notice your dog bowl choice as much as you will, you can still make your dog look forward to food even more with the latest feeding accessories. Check out the Kong feeding toys everyone’s talking about which will keep your dog entertained for ages! Or take some of the pressure off yourself by getting one of our automatic pet feeders or drinking fountains!