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Advance Adult Casserole Chicken Cans

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Advance Adult Casserole Chicken Cans

Your dog needs good food to remain healthy, active, and in a good mood. Advance Adult Casserole Chicken Cans provide everything your pet might need in terms of nutrition and flavour. It is a carefully formulated product produced by a trusted manufacturer so if you’re looking for good-quality food, this is the right option. The key features of Advance Adult Casserole Chicken Cans include:

  • Flavourful and easy to digest, which means your dog will consume it happily.
  • The food contains a careful blend of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Taurine, Beta Carotene, and plant extracts containing carotenoids like Lycopene and Lutein. These ingredients improve antioxidant levels in your pet, which in turn improves the rate of cellular repair.
  • It contains zinc and linoleic acid that help maintain healthy skin and fur.
  • Fermentable fiber ensures small and firm stools.
  • Available in 1 single can or 12 can packs.

Studies have also shown this product helps lower risk of urinary tract disease so incorporating it into your pet’s regular diet is a good idea.

Advance Adult Casserole Chicken Cans are made in Australia with high-quality Australian chicken so you can trust this product. You can stock up for several weeks worth of food at a reasonable price, which ensures you always have a good supply to keep your pet well-fed.


Chicken. Cereal protein. Beef. Maize. Lamb. Beef by-products. Gelling agents. Vegetable fibre. Vegetable oil. Flavours. Minerals like zinc sulphate and manganese sulphate. Taurine. Plant extracts marigold powder, tomato powder, lucerne meal. Vitamins D, E, B1, B6. Choline chloride.

Advance is the most tested super premium pet food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle. Advance uses the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems to ensure your dog gets the best possible food to lead a healthy long life. Advance dog food formulas deliver optimal nutrition for Australian pets using scientific knowledge and over 45 years of manufacturing experience.

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