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Advance Puppy Growth Chicken Rice Cans

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Product Description

Advance Puppy Growth Chicken Rice Cans

Growing dogs and puppies have specific nutritional requirements and Advance Puppy Growth Chicken Rice Cans provide just what they need. This is a balanced, carefully formulated pet meal made from the highest quality Australian chicken, which means it’s both flavourful and healthy. There’s a balanced ratio of calcium or phosphorus to ensure your puppies have healthy teeth and bones. Your puppy will be happy and active if he is on a steady diet of this food every day. The key features of Advance Puppy Growth Chicken Rice Cans include:

  • Contain high levels of Choline and DHA for superior brain development.
  • Fermentable fibre like beet pulp and FOS add good bacteria to your puppy’s digestive system, which leads to firmer stools.
  • Healthy levels of zinc and linoleic acid ensure your dog has a shiny coat and healthy skin.
  • Healthy levels of essential nutrients like vitamin C, vitamin E, Taurine, Beta Carotone, and plant extracts with caroteniod will keep your pet healthy by strengthening their immune system.
  • The cans are 410g each.

The amount of food depends on the size and age of the puppy and should be adjusted as they grow. Make sure you provide enough to maintain a healthy weight for your dog breed’s age. If in doubt, consult your veterinarian for advice.

Advance Puppy Growth Chicken Rice Cans are recommended for all breeds of puppies. Make sure your pet always has a supply of fresh water along with their food so they can remain hydrated. Store this dog food in the refrigerator once opened and keep it away from sunlight.


Chicken. Lamb. Rice. Minerals. Gelling Agents. Vegetable oil. Fish oil. Vegetable Fibre. Vitamins. Taurine. Antioxidants.

There are no preservatives added to this meal.

Advance is the most tested super premium pet food in Australia designed specifically for Australian pets, our unique climate and lifestyle. Advance uses the highest quality ingredients from approved suppliers and Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) quality systems to ensure your dog gets the best possible food to lead a healthy long life. Advance dog food formulas deliver optimal nutrition for Australian pets using scientific knowledge and over 45 years of manufacturing experience.

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