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Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green

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Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green

Help protect your dog from potentially deadly heartworm disease with Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green. Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green is suitable for dogs from 12-22kg. While you can’t stop mosquito bites, with Heartgard Plus you can kill the heartworm larvae that are transmitted to your dog by those annoying bloodsuckers, preventing heartworm disease. Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green also controls roundworm and hookworms. The key features of Heartgard Plus Medium Dog Green include:

  • Prevents heartworm disease in your dog.
  • Kills heartworm larvae and controls roundworm and hookworms.
  • Easy to give – most dogs eat this delicious beef chew right out of your hand!
  • Recommended to give monthly.
  • Heartworm treatment is both dangerous and extremely expensive. Heartgard Plus helps avoid the cost of heartworm disease and the risk of possible death from heartworm disease.
  • Can be used in all breeds of dogs, including stud dogs and pregnant and breeding female dogs. Can also be used in puppies that are over 6 weeks of age.
  • Recommended that you consult your vet and test for heartworm infection before starting a preventative program.
Heartworm Life Cycle

After a bite from an infected mosquito, heartworm larvae migrate through the tissue. After 3 months, they enter the bloodstream and end up in the pulmonary artery. Left untreated, larvae can grow into adult worms up to 30cm in length in just over 6 months – leading to heart, lung, liver and kidney damage. Heartgard Plus kills the larvae preventing adult heartworms.

How to tell if your dog has worms

Worms are one of the most common issues impacting dogs but can often be difficult to notice until your dog’s health is already at risk. The more common worms infecting dogs are heartworms, roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms and whipworms. Here are the top 8 things to look for that may indicate your dog has worms.

  1. Coughing: Increased coughing is a known symptom of some worms, particularly advanced cases of heartworm.
  1. Worms or eggs in the faeces: While not all kinds of worms are visible to the naked eye, many are so it is worthwhile having a look.
  1. Worms in vomit: Same as above, it is worthwhile having a look.
  1. Scratching bottom along floor: Dogs often do this when itchy or irritated. While this can be caused by various things, worms is a possibility.
  1. Bloated stomach: This is a more common side effect noticeable in puppies.
  1. Food thieves: Worms steal food from their hosts so one noticeable symptom may be that your dog has lost weight or appears to be much hungrier than usual.
  1. Diarrhoea: This can be another symptom of worms, particularly if the diarrhoea has blood in it.
  1. Dull coat or loss of hair: While it varies between different breeds, a good sign of a healthy dog is a thick and shiny coat of hair. If you notice it appearing more dull or dry or significantly thinning out, this may be a symptom of worms.

If you think your dog has worms, speak to your vet to seek immediate treatment. Remember, prevention is better than a cure so make sure your pooch is up to date with his or her worming tablets!

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