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Inca Elliotts Egg and Biscuit 500g

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Product Description

Inca Elliotts Egg and Biscuit 500g

Inca Elliotts Egg and Biscuit 500g is a high-protein feed specifically formulated for breeding and rearing, canaries, finches, and other aviary birds. This delicious formula is designed to help promote healthy and nutritional eating in caged birds and ensures that birds will be eager for each meal, helping to reduce resistance and refusal to eat in parenting birds, and developing healthy chicks. Inca Elliotts Egg and Biscuit is easy to prepare and can be eaten dry or mixed with a little water until crumbly. Some key features of Inca Elliotts Egg and Biscuit 500g are:

  • Highly palatable mixture designed to reduce resistance to food.
  • Packed full of protein to help young and nursing chicks to grow strong.
  • Provides an excellent and balanced diet of key nutrients for the best start in life.
  • High-energy food mixture to provide great everyday health and wellbeing for caged birds.
  • Can be eaten wet or dry.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Size: 500g.

Ingredients: Breadcrumbs. Vitamins. Whole Egg. Solids. Minerals.

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