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Vets All Natural Grain/Gluten Free Mix 800g

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Product Description

Vets All Natural Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free 800g

Vets All Natural Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free is an everyday diet mix to add to fresh meat for adult dogs and puppies. Dr Bruce has formulated this variety for those wanting to feed their dog a Grain/Gluten Free alternative as an everyday diet and is ideal for dogs with a gluten and/or grain intolerance. Dogs that have had ongoing sensitive skin and/or sensitive stomach issues should also consider this variety.

The balanced ingredient and low carbohydrates help to correct underlying intestinal and digestion problems therefore supporting irritable bowls and sensitive stomachs.

Vets All Natural Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free works naturally to aid digestion and boost your dog’s intake of vegetables. It can be served with raw meat for the best results and for a happy dog!

In the wild, canines and felines eat muscle meat, organ meat and the vegetable matter from the gut of their prey animal. Complete Mix mimics the gut content and when mixed with meat, makes a truly balanced natural diet which they have evolved on over millions of years.

Vets All Natural Complete Mix Grain/Gluten Free will help your dog live a longer and healthier life!

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Dimensions 18 × 18 × 6 cm


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