Aristopet Groom Powder Feline 100g

Designer: Aristopet

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Aristopet Groom Powder Feline 100g is a waterless shampoo product designed to help cleanse and groom your cat without the need for a bath. This cleansing powder can be easily applied to and removed from your pet’s coat by simply dusting over the fur, and helps to remove dirt and odours from your cat’s coat without the need for water. The key features of Aristopet Groom Powder Feline 100g are:
  • Powdered cat shampoo eliminates the need for bathing in water.
  • Safe, non-toxic formula suitable for use on cats of all ages.
  • Simply dust onto fur and brush through to remove dirt, oil, and build-up.
  • Specially formulated to ensure your pet’s skin and fur does not dry out.
  • Gently deodorises leaving your pet smelling fresh and clean.

Aristopet is a trusted brand providing a range of veterinarian-approved health care products to keep your pet fit and healthy. They offer a selection of premium products for a variety of pets including dogs, cats and birds.

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