Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O 20L White

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Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O 20L White is a premium and contemporary aquarium for the home designed to offer aquatic life a calm and natural habitat. This stylish tank includes a 20 litre capacity complete with a built-in HPLED lighting system with features including day and moonlight mode, and an integrated filtration system to help provide your pet fish with a clean, oxygen-rich, and habitable environment to enjoy. The key features of the Blue Planet Aquarium Deco O 20L White are:
  • Designer aquarium suitable for a variety of fish and reptiles.
  • Includes 20 litre tank, lid, filtration system, water pump, and HPLED light system.
  • Integrated filtration system to provide aquatic life with a constant flow of oxygenated water.
  • Water pump is built into the tank décor for a sleek, minimalist appearance.
  • Quick and easy set-up is ideal for new starters.
  • Cables are discreetly affixed under hood lid to allow for maximum viewing pleasure without messy electrical wiring.
  • Can be used for cold water and tropical fish as well as fresh and marine water fish.
  • Traditional fish bowl style shape for a pleasant aesthetic.
  • Includes filter cartridge to help reduce bacterial build-up.
  • Includes silicon air tube and air stone.
  • Hood lid allows easy access to the tank for stress-free cleaning.
  • Provides aquatic life with a comfortable and perfectly balanced environment in which to thrive.
  • High powered LED lighting system helps stimulate natural plant and coral growth.
  • Magic Touch lighting feature switches between day and night mode by touching the tank lid.
  • Moonlight setting provides a pleasant, shimmering, blue glow.
  • Gravel, rocks, and coral plants provided.
  • Low consumption wattage minimises running costs and helps the environment.
  • Can provide up to 2 years-worth of power running at 24 hours a day.
  • Water capacity of 20 litres.
  • Dimensions: 39.5cm L x 18.7cm W x 37.5cm H.
  • White finish for a stylish and modern home accessory.
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Customer Reviews

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Great Product

Great product, simple and easy to install and good quality

Tracey E.

Purchased for my betta fish. Love it. Very easy set up. Looks stunning.