Ferplast Magic Carbon Filter

Ferplast Magic Carbon Filter

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Ferplast Magic Carbon Filter is a pack of 2 carbon filters for use in any hooded Ferplast cat litter tray. These replacement filters can be easily fitted inside the hood of most Ferplast litter boxes to help reduce odours, contain unpleasant smells from cat waste and keep your home smelling fresh and clean. The key features of Ferplast Magic Carbon Filter are:

  • Pack of 2 replacement carbon filters.
  • Proven to help minimise smells from litter trays.
  • Easily fitted inside hooded litter boxes.
  • Can be replaced every 90 days for maximum effect.

Ferplast offers a wide range of products to provide your pet the comfort he or she deserves, as well as moments of pure well-being. Ferplast began in a small shop in Italy and became quickly known for its premium quality and practical designs. Today, it sells products across a range of pet categories all over the world.

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