Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix 5kg

Designer: Golden Cob

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Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix 5kg is a complete and nutritious seed mix designed specifically for caged cockatiels. It is packed full of high-quality Australian grown seeds and is rich in vitamins and minerals to ensure your cockatiel maintains optimal health through every day feeding. Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix contains added vitamins and enriched oils to maintain good eye sight and aid calcium absorption for strong beaks and claws. Some key features of Golden Cob Cockatiel Mix 5kg include:
  • Complete seed mix for all ages and sizes of cockatiel.
  • Excellent quality of ingredients including added oils and vitamins.
  • Formulated specially to maintain the health and diet of cockatiels.
  • Effective in developing and maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.
  • Provides your bird with a balanced diet full of key nutrients.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Size: 5kg.
Ingredients: Canary Seed. Japanese Millet. Shirohie Millet. White French Millet. Sunflower Seeds. Safflower. Dehulled oats. Linseed. Canola Seed. Vegetable Oil. Iodine. Vitamin A. Vitamin D3. Vitamin E. Since 1895 Golden Cob has been producing the Golden Cob Breeder's Quality range of seed mixes to provide Australian birds with the nutrition they need for health & vitality. Each Golden Cob product contains a mixture of carefully selected quality seeds which has been specially formulated for your bird. Developed by reputable breeders & avian experts, the Golden Cob Breeder's Quality Range includes specially formulated, breed specific products for best results. Looking for the easiest way to clean and sanitise your cage? Rufus And Coco Happy Hutch And Cage is a professionally formulated broad spectrum disinfectant spray that is quick, easy and safe to use!