Harmony Wild Bird Lorikeet and Honey Eater

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Size: 2kg

Harmony Wild Bird Lorikeet and Honey Eater is a delicious and nutritious feed designed to attract lorikeets and honey eaters to your garden. This high-quality feeding mixture is home grown in Australia and will provide wild garden birds with a rich nectar-based treat that helps maintain optimal nutrition and is a safer alternative to sugar. Harmony Wild Bird Lorikeet and Honey Eater is easy to prepare and can be given directly or mixed with a little warm water. Some key features of Harmony Wild Bird Lorikeet and Honey Eater are:
  • Specifically designed to attract honey lovers such as lorikeets and honey eaters to your garden feeder.
  • Rich in added oils and vitamins to help maintain the every day health of wild birds.
  • Simple and fuss-free to prepare and serve.
  • Healthy nectar feed without the harmful side effects of excess sugar.
  • Provides wild birds with a high-quality supplement in addition to their natural diet.
  • Made in Australia.
Harmony Wild Bird Lorikeet and Honey Eater is available in 500g and 2kg packs. Ingredients: Cereals (Rice. Wheat. Barley) Sugar. Vegetable Oil. Milk solids. Salt. Vanilla Powder. Vitamins. Minerals. Antioxidant. Harmony bird feed is made in Australia from carefully selected ingredients to suit the dietary requirements of wild Australian birds. There’s nothing quite like a bird to add colour, personality and companionship to your backyard. The makers of Harmony Wild Bird products know all about caring for your feathered friends. Looking for the easiest way to clean and sanitise your cage? Rufus And Coco Happy Hutch And Cage is a professionally formulated broad spectrum disinfectant spray that is quick, easy and safe to use!

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kylie W.
Great service

First time customer. Fantastic experience with quick turnaround for delivery.

ken d.
lorikeet food

prompt delivery good price lorikeets are still fighting over it until the minas arrive and they all have someone to chase

Patricia J.
Harmony Lorikeet food

Excellent product. Our Lorikeets love it. Prompt delivery.

Bob O.
Great value. The only brand they will eat.

Thanks Pet Supplies for the fast postage and very reasonable prices (literally half what Woolies charges) . Harmony is the only brand my lorikeets will eat... and they eat it down to the last speck. The other brands always have some added ingredient they leave behind or they just ignore it completely.

Jyoti L.
Harmony nectar

This is literally the only thing my lorikeet would eat. I tried other brands and even pellets. He would not touch the pellets and he tries the other food but stops eating so that’s like me eating something i hate but i have to because its the only thing. This brand is literally it and pet empire has the best price.