Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry

Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry

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Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry has been specially formulated to help provide a complete and balanced dry diet to suffering from joint problems.

As they get older, it can be common to find that your once lively and active canine companion may begin to show signs of deteriorating joint health. Conditions such as osteoarthritis and arthrosis can inflict painful symptoms on your dog such as stiffness, inability to jump, lameness, and changes to your pet’s normal gait. Providing a diet such as Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry can help to ease such unpleasant symptoms in as little as 21 days by providing key nutrients that help to get your dog moving again and live an active pain-free life.

Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry helps to:

  • Support a healthy metabolism in joints to aid mobility.
  • Maintain supple joint cartilage through high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids and glucosamine.
  • Control chronic pain associated with joint stiffness and movement.
  • Soothes and eases inflammation.

Hills Prescription Diet Canine J/D Joint Care Chicken Dry is available in 3.85kg and 12.5kg bags.

This product should only be used as directed by your veterinarian. Please seek advice from a vet before providing this diet to your dog. Regular check-ups with your veterinarian when using this diet are recommended.

Ingredients: Maize. Wheat. Brewers' Rice. Whole Flaxseed. Soybean Meal. Pea Bran Meal. Chicken and Turkey Meal. Digest. Animal Fat. Fish Oil. Minerals. Dried Whole Egg. L-Carnitine. L-Lysine. Vitamins. Taurine. Crustacean Shell Hydrolysate. Trace Elements. Pork Cartilage Hydrolysate And Beta-Carotene. With Natural Antioxidant (Mixed Tocopherols).

Hill’s employs more than 150 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists who work every day around the world to create new products and improve existing ones that will help your pet live a long, healthy and full life. Hill’s scientists author more than 50 research papers and textbook chapters each year and teach at leading schools of veterinary medicine all over the world. All that knowledge and expertise is put into making the best pet food possible. Their dog and cat food is formulated for the optimal balance of nutrients and best taste. Hill’s appreciates that the best nutrition for your pet not only meets nutritional needs, but also avoids excess nutrients, such as fat and salt, that can be harmful over time. Hill’s long-term investment in learning, technology and talented scientists has helped them develop industry-leading product innovations, including the most extensive range of clinical nutrition products for sick, at-risk and healthy pets. Hill’s products have been trusted by millions of pet owners since 1948, and, today, veterinarians around the world recommend and feed their own pets Hill’s products.

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