Joy Lorikeet Dry Diet

Joy Lorikeet Dry Diet

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Joy Lorikeet Dry Diet is a high-quality, complete dry feed mix formulated specifically for pet birds such as lorikeets, honey eaters and wrens. This balanced diet is packed full of essential nutrients including proteins, carbohydrates, amino acids, vitamins and minerals to provide your lorikeet with a nutritious diet and offer a safer, healthier mealtime alternative to other sugar-based foods. The key features of Joy Lorikeet Dry Diet are:

  • Complete dry diet exclusively designed for caged and home-based lorikeets and honey eaters.
  • Natural sweet flavour to entice your bird to eat and satisfy your pet’s hunger.
  • Full of added protein and carbohydrates to maintain optimal energy levels.
  • Contains added vitamins and minerals including calcium to maintain strong beaks and claws.
  • Safe for chicks and young birds.
  • Made in Australia.

Joy Lorikeet Dry Diet is available in 500g, 1.25kg, 3kg, and 7.5kg bags.

Ingredients: Bread Crumbs. Rice Flour. Glucose. Corn Meal. Soya Meal. Soya Flour. Whole Egg Powder. Vanilla Flavour. Calcium Carbonate. Vitamin A. B1. B2. B3. B5. B6. B9. B12. C. D3. E. H. K3. Di-Methionine. Choline Bitartrate. Lysine Sulphate. Ferrous Sulphate. Manganese Sulphate. Anti -Caking Agent. Sodium Benzoate. Lactose.

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