Kazoo Cat Home Enclosure

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The Kazoo Cat Home Enclosure is a safe and reliable shelter designed to provide your cat full cover and outdoor protection. This metal enclosure ensures your cat has plenty of space to move around comfortably while temporarily contained and includes an elevated shelf for your pet to sleep on or watch the world go by. The key features of the Kazoo Cat Home Enclosure are:
  • Sturdy cat enclosure designed for temporary housing and containment only.
  • High-quality steel construction designed for long-lasting durability and reliability.
  • Designed to weather all conditions and keep your pet safe and sheltered.
  • Waterproof materials ensure your cat is warm and dry.
  • Mesh windows allow your pet to view their surroundings whilst keeping them firmly contained.
  • The outside lock secures your cat and prevents escape.
  • Metal materials cannot be bitten or broken through.
  • The Shelved area allows cats to retreat to a quiet, cosy space.
  • Dimensions: 173cm H x 179cm W x 93cm D.
  • Note: The ETA may take 4 to 6 weeks time due to the size and availability of the product.
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