Pet Mate Dog Door White

Pet Mate Dog Door White

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The Pet Mate Dog Door White is an electromagnetic door entry flap designed to allow your dog easy access to and from your home. This magnetic, transparent flap provides instant entry to your pet dog and includes a robust locking panel to control your pup’s comings and goings to and from the house and garden and can be easily fitted on most doors securely for a draft and weatherproof seal. The key features of the Pet Mate Dog Door White are:

  • Secure pet entry system to allow pet dogs quick access to and from the home.
  • Comes in a range of sizes to suit dogs of all breeds.
  • Transparent and weatherproof flap to reduce the effects of rain and cold weather.
  • Magnetic flap closure secures tightly to reduce drafts.
  • 2-way lockable action for extra security to reduce the risk of escape or stray animals adventuring inside your home.
  • Self-lining to 50mm thick – ideal for most doors.

The Pet Mate Dog Door White are available in the following sizes:

  • Small: Entry flap dimensions – 21cm x 22.7cm. Frame dimensions – 23.5cm x 25.2cm. Suitable for dog shoulder height up to 36cm.
  • Medium: Entry flap dimensions – 24.2cm x 30cm. Frame dimensions – 29cm x 35cm. Suitable for dog shoulder height up to 46cm.
  • Large: Entry flap dimensions – 31.8cm x 39.1cm. Frame dimensions – 36.6cm x 44.1cm. Suitable for dog shoulder height up to 63cm.

Pet Mate provides pet products made for and by pet people. Their dedication to quality for the past 50 years has produced products with pet lovers and their furry (or feathered) friends in mind. Whether you are a pet-parent novice or a seasoned veteran, with Pet Mate you know that what you're getting is up to your pet-parent standards.

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