Petkit Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder White

Designer: Petkit

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Colour: White

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The Petkit Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder White features a long-range remote which means you'll be able to feed your pets from a distance with a touch of a button. In considering of keep freshness of pet food, Petkit created a double-fresh lock technique to ensure food preservation when designing its automatic feeders. Not only is there a silicone sealing ring on the food outlet door, but there is also a moisture-proof desiccant box placed inside the feeder that locks food in freshness. The Petkit Fresh Element Smart Pet Feeder has a food grade silicone sealing ring on both the food outlet door and on the top of the lid inside of the machine. During downtime, the feeder features a sealed food storage bucket to ensure freshness of your pet's food. It also features a desiccant box inside the feeder. The silicone desiccant is a kind of environmental protection material. Can absorb moisture, is difficult to pulverize, and stays fresh for up to 30 days. Other key features include:
  • Designed specifically to avoid food getting stuck.
  • iF Design Award 2018.
  • Accompany Via PEKIT App.
  • Double Fresh Lock Design.
  • Feed as planned for a healthy lifestyle.
  • Feed Anytime Anyplace via App.
  • 5.9L Capacity.
  • Durable and easy to clean stainless steel bowl.
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