Petlife Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray 300ml

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Petlife Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray 300ml is a crucial part of any grooming kit for owners of long haired dog breeds. This spray helps in untangling knots gently and leaves a divine smell. When this product is sprayed, it quickly penetrates into the coat and provides humidity resistance. Petlife Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray 300ml helps even the most stubborn mats and knots to get detangled, allowing you to comb your dog’s hair in a more gentle and efficient manner. Petlife Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray 300ml saves your time and effort. The key features of Petlife Professional Detangling & Deodorising Spray 300ml include:
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Ideal for grooming and bathing.
  • Made up of organic products like aloe vera and goji berry.
  • Removes stubborn knots and leaves a beautiful scent.
  • Gentle formula reduces risk of causing rashes or itching to your dog’s skin.
  • Helps in developing a healthy skin and coat.

Size Guide: Available in 300ml bottle. Petlife is a premium brand known for producing a range of high quality pet products. The Petlife range of innovative solutions takes care of your pet, from collars and leads to bedding and shampoos. Each product is specially designed to enrich the life of your pet and accommodate their every need. Do you need to stock up on some more treats for your favourite dog? Check out our range of gourmet dog treats here!

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Dely P.
Damage Items

We purchased 4 items of the deodorising spray. The items was found not in shape and dents . Package quality wasn't secured enough and poor packaging to protect the items

David C.
10/10 after sales service added and great product

Great service and can’t fault these guys. Unfortunately during shipment some items were damaged but PSEmporium promptly mailed me a replacement. Even though this damage happened during shipment, they took responsibility and sent new items to replace those that were damaged.
This is what I call service. Unreal!!!!
If I was you, I wouldn’t waste time looking elsewhere to shop for your pet.
Very quick delivery as well.
Great company, great service and better than normal after sales service. This is my pet shop from now on.
Very Impressed.
10/10 ✅✅✅✅✅
As for product.
It’s has the best fragrance by far and doesn’t irritate my dog. Makes his fur softer too.
I bought this product from a local pet shop but they stopped selling it in favour of selling natural oil products instead. Looked around and found most other suppliers were doing same. I’m not a fan of the natural oil sprays, they are over expensive and don’t do the job. I found the smell disappears quickly and I think my dog felt a little irritated by it and wouldn’t stop licking his fur and rolling in the grass to remove it. After ceasing use he was fine. I don’t have this problem with Petlife detangling and deodorising spray 300ml. Top stuff

Spray was open in the post and broke soon afterwards

The product was probably ok, but the spray bottle design is so bad it opened in the post and went thru the post. I then dropped it and it broke straight away. I had to decant it into another bottle to use it. Very poorly designed packaging

Vivian D.

Value for money, excellent product. A little delayed with delivery (could also be backlog due to COVID) but I was updated about the status. Thanks!

Georgia G.

Love this product. Excellent!