Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack

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Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack is a great addition for the grooming and care of your pet. The pack contains two different bristled brushes that help you to brush your pet in the way you like. The grooming tools have a curved and tapered profile suitable for using on all sizes of dogs. The pin brush helps in removing all the loose hairs on the coat while the bristle brush makes the coat shiny. The Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack is a perfect one to try if you find your other brushes are not working properly. It is great to have additional brushes handy so that you can take better care of your pet at any time. The key features of Petlife Professional Multi Brush Accessories Pack include:
  • Brush any sized dog.
  • Brush the coat in any direction.
  • Pin brush and bristle brush.
  • Makes the coat shiny.
  • Removes loose hairs.
  • Comprehensive grooming of the pet.
  • Multi-functional brush.
  • Great for daily grooming.
  • Brush the coat till it runs smoothly through the hairs.
Petlife is a premium brand known for producing a range of high quality pet products. The Petlife range of innovative solutions takes care of your pet, from collars and leads to bedding and shampoos. Each product is specially designed to enrich the life of your pet and accommodate their every need.
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