Sera Holiday Food 10 Tablets

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Sera Holiday Food 10 Tablets is a handy pack of food supplements perfect for making sure your pet fish are fed while you’re away from home. These nutritious tablets are suitable for most ornamental fish and are designed to slowly dissolve and release food particles over the course of a week to provide fish with a constant supply of their diet. The key features of Sera Holiday Food 10 Tablets are:
  • Pack of 10 tablets suitable for feeding ornamental fish.
  • 1 block is suitable for feeding an 80 litre tank for up to one week.
  • Simply drop into your tank and allow to soften gradually.
  • Recommended for pet owners when away from home for an extended period of time.
  • Circular tablets slowly break down to release food through outer layers until completely dissolved.
  • Helps to contribute essential nutrients and minerals to maintain great everyday physical health and wellbeing.
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