Snooza Futon Natural
Snooza Futon Cover Natural
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Snooza Futon Cover Natural

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Snooza Futon Cover Natural is a replacement cover for the classic Snooza Futon pet bed. This cover is made from tough but comfortable calico that helps to keep your furry friend cool in warm weather and cosy during colder days and nights and can be easily machine washed to keep your pet’s bed clean and fresh. The key features of Snooza Futon Cover Natural are:
  • Replacement slip cover for Snooza Futon beds.
  • Durable calico cover to protect inner wool and polyester cushion.
  • Range of sizes to best fit your pet’s bed.
  • Replacement covers in other colours available.
  • Machine washable for fuss-free cleaning.
  • Rustic, traditional design for a stylish home accessory.
  • This cover is also available in Green and Blue colours!
The Snooza Futon Cover Natural is available in the following sizes:
  • Mini: 55 x 45cm.
  • Original: 85 x 55cm
  • Mighty: 100 x 71cm.
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