Gourmet Chicken Cordon Bleu

Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Chicken Cordon

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The Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Chicken Cordon is a gourmet flavoured and completely edible dog chew. These bones are a delectable treat for your pooch with the flavours taking inspiration from some of most sophisticated and famous dishes from around the world. This particular dog chew bone has been infused with the flavour of Chicken Cordon, but is also available in Smoked Salmon, Turkey & Cranberry, Beef Wellington, Pheasant, Duck, Barbecue Prawn and Venison flavours. Your dog will love the taste of these gourmet Tasty Bones!

With the Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Chicken Cordon laying around, your dog will never chew your furniture or shoes again!

The key features of the Tasty Bone Gourmet Edible Chicken Cordon include:

  • Entirely edible.
  • Packed with Chicken Cordon flavour the whole way through.
  • Satisfies your dog's instinct to chew.
  • It is excellent for oral care.
  • Completely natural and healthy dog chew.
  • Made from human grade consumption flavours, with no animal content, no salt, sugar, additives or preservatives.
  • Ideal for small breeds and light chewers.
  • Size: 15cm in length.
  • Made in the UK.

Spoil your pampered pooch with a delicious new Chicken Cordon flavoured dog chew today!

The following should be noted for the safety of your dog:

  1. This is not a throwing and catching toy for your dog. Catching the toy in its mouth with force could cause injury.
  2. Replace the edible bone when it is small enough for the dog to swallow whole.
  3. It is recommended to supervise your pet while chewing any bones of any animal or brand.

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