Vetafarm Blossom Nectar

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Size: 500ml

Vetafarm Blossom Nectar is a liquid nectar formula specifically designed for nectar-loving birds such as lorikeets, lories, honey-eaters, and sugar gliders. It is suitable to use on both pet and wild lorikeets and other nectar eaters, and can be given as part of the daily diet either in a separate container, or added over other diet components such as fruit and grains to encourage appetite and feeding. Vetafarm Blossom Nectar is full of essential vitamins and minerals which help aid everyday lorikeet health. Some key features of Vetafarm Blossom Nectar are:
  • High-quality supplement providing lorikeets with a nutritious portion of nectar that can be used in everyday diet.
  • Easily digestible and deliciously appealing formula that will satisfy all nectar-loving birds.
  • Rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to boost and maintain health and condition.
  • Provides balanced levels of healthy sugars.
  • Made in Australia.
  • Sizes: Available in 500ml and 1L.
Ingredients: Sucrose. Fructose. Glucose. Amino Acids. Vitamins & Minerals. Vetafarm is Australia’s leading innovator in companion animal health and welfare. With all products being focused on improving animal welfare Vetafarm prides itself on producing the best for your pet, be it a bird, reptile, dog cat or small mammal. Dr Tony Gestier BVSc, sole owner and director of Vetafarm, has many years experience as a practising veterinarian as well as special qualifications in avian health (MACVSc) and pharmaceutics (BMSc). Vetafarm understand that the family pet is exactly that – family. Looking for the easiest way to clean and sanitise your cage? Rufus And Coco Happy Hutch And Cage is a professionally formulated broad spectrum disinfectant spray that is quick, easy and safe to use!