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Here at Pet Supplies Empire, we are extremely committed to animal welfare and we’re doing something about it.

We believe that every pet product sale in this country should lead to more money going toward helping less fortunate pets, without costing the pet owners a cent. It’s time for the big pet supply companies to care less about profit and more about helping the community that is giving them business.

Every time we receive an order, we give $1 to the animal charity of your choice. This $1 comes from us – it does not cost you any more money. And we do not make our products more expensive to fund this – in fact, all our products are listed at guaranteed best prices.

Each customer is asked at the checkout screen to select a charity from a drop down list. This information gets collected by us and at the end of each month we give the money to the charities. It’s that simple.

We have signed up several animal charity groups so far and are still looking for others whose work inspires us.

We’re hoping our guaranteed lowest prices and speedy service will impress enough pet owners around Australia to shop with us. Even with a small percentage of this multi-billion-dollar industry, at a tiny cost to the shareholders of the big companies, we can make all the difference for some of the hardest working and severely underfunded rescue shelters and animal charities around.

It is our long term vision to change the nature of the pet supplies industry to one which takes care of the pets first before itself. We have only just launched this business and begun this journey. We are working hard to make our vision a reality but need your help to do it. 

We strongly encourage you to visit the websites of the charities we have partnered with below and follow the work they do – there are some truly inspiring stories.

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Campbelltown Lost Found & Injured Pets

Campbelltown Lost Found & Injured Pets’ goal is to reunite lost pets with their owners. To do this they run a Facebook page with over 17000 members. People can post about their lost pets or about pets that they have found or that may have wandered into their yard or street.

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They have a dedicated team of volunteers that will attend a found pet and scan for microchips to be traced and have the owner contacted to reunite the two. They are primarily an after-hours service as the pound and vets are closed thus making it difficult for found pets to be scanned and returned to owners.

They have an emergency fund for those pets that are injured and the owners may have financial hardship. They offer up to $500 for after-hours consult, stabilisation and pain relief so that owners have time to make decisions or organise ongoing funding via other means.

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FSR Logo

Fresh Start Animal Rescue

Fresh Start Rescue is a committed group of animal lovers who hope to make a real change in the number of companion animals put to sleep in pounds and shelters across the state each year. They are based in Brisbane, Queensland but have a network of foster families and volunteers across the state’s south east, including the Northern and Southern suburbs of Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Ipswich and the Lockyer Valley.

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They do not have a shelter facility. All of our pets live in loving foster homes while they wait to be adopted. Once they accept a dog or cat into foster care, they keep them for as long as it takes to find that perfect forever home. They don’t give up!

The organisation is 100% volunteer powered! They do not receive any government funding or big business sponsorship.

Their greatest expense is veterinary fees, which are often thousands of dollars each month. They manage to pay our generous veterinary practices with money raised from fundraising events, donations and the adoption fees paid for their animals. After those vet costs are paid, there is very little profit left from the sale of each pet, if any, and many that have had pre-existing medical needs are adopted out at a large loss.

Their priority is to rescue dogs and cats from overflowing local and regional pounds and shelters. Many of these animals only have days, sometimes hours, to live even though they are perfectly healthy, happy family pets. They have become lost and remain unclaimed, or are surrendered by owners who can no longer care for them.

Every year 250,000 companion animals are euthanised in Australia. Please make a donation, big or small, to help Fresh Start continue saving lives across Queensland.

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furry friends forwver logo

Furry Friends Forever Rescue

Furry Friends Forever Rescue is a registered not for profit organisation, with charity status DGR. Their primary aim is to rescue and rehouse abandoned, neglected or abused animals of all shapes and sizes. They currently work with dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and ferrets.

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They are committed to providing only the best care to every animal we rescue. FFFR saves animals from council pounds and surrendered animals, while also providing an assisted re-homing program. They strive to provide the animals in our care, the loving, permanent homes they deserve. Their mission is to give pets a warm and loving foster home to learn the love a human can give, to rehabilitate and socialise the animals while we search for their perfect forever home.

They only adopt out animals to the most suitable families which suit each individual animals needs

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Golden Oldies Logo

Golden Oldies

Gina Fallon had a dream. A dream that with a lot of hard work and even more passion became a reality in 2013.Golden Oldies Animal Rescue was born. The vision to rescue and rehome senior dogs and cats from local pounds. The old, the abandoned, the neglected and forgotten old souls that deserved so much more, a far better life in their twilight years.

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Now Three years on Golden Oldies Animal Rescue a registered charity, under the guidance determination and love of Gina has flourished. Through her hard work dedication and often tears Golden Oldies has grown in the ways Gina hoped for.

The rescue based in Mittagong now covers all NSW and is quickly branching into Vic and more recently Qld. Golden Oldies has established itself being well respected in rescue circles for its dedication to the older souls. With a network and a dedicated team of foster carers and Volunteers it is already large and growing daily. The need for funding to sustain the rescue is growing at a steadily increasing rate with the majority of funds raised by our dedicated volunteers and supporters in the form of BBQs, raffles and donations of all sizes.

The cost of a cup of Coffee can help save a life. Every cent raised is spent on the rescue and Veterinary treatment of the seniors in need of our help. Through our fundraising efforts, promotional activities (radio, newspaper and television interviews) , our facebook pages and website Golden Oldies is succeeding in bringing Community awareness to the plight of older pets. Gina has succeeded in expanding Golden Oldies to include an assisted Rehome service for those who are no-longer in a position to care for or provide for the needs of their Pets.

This includes situations like the elderly moving into aged or palliative care, homelessness, and relocation to non- pet friendly environments. Golden Oldies advertises and vets potential new owners with a view to securing a new permanent home. In some instances these dogs will be bought into foster care for veterinary treatment and then rehomed when well enough. Since 2013 Golden oldies has been responsible for the rescue, rehoming, fostering and veterinary treatment of approximately 611 old souls from pounds and shelters at a staggering emotional and financial cost. Golden Oldies has helped in excess of 800 pets find a new future through the assisted rehome program.

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Project Underdog

Project Underdog Rescue is a not for profit animal rescue charity located in Melbourne, Australia. Our organisation is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and successfully rehoming companion animals facing imminent euthanasia in Victorian and NSW pounds and shelters. We do not discriminate on breed, age or sex. We take those that need us most.

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For this reason we will only occasionally accept surrendered animals into our care. We pride ourselves on providing our animals with the same amount of love, attention and level of care we would give our own pets.

Any specialised treatment recommended by our veterinarian will be provided to the animals in our care. This may include; dental work, orthopaedic surgery, specialist treatment and palliative care. Our purpose: To provide refuge for stray, abandoned and surrendered animals – primarily those facing imminent euthanasia in shelters and pounds To rehabilitate each animal while in foster care so that they can be placed in loving, safe and permanent homes. To promote responsible pet ownership, animal welfare and no kill solutions.

We are based in Melbourne and are run via a network of foster carers. We do not have a shelter as we prefer to have our animals in loving foster homes. This allows them greater interaction with people and can encourage healthy socialisation with other domestic pets. It also gives us the chance to learn about each animals personality and provide him or her with any necessary training.

We believe this gives our animals the best chance at a smooth transition into their forever home. Click here to learn more about foster caring with us. We are registered with the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission and have Deductible Gift Recipient status (DGR). This means that all donations over $2 are tax deductible. We are run entirely by unpaid volunteers and receive no government funding so your donations are what we rely on. Click here to donate today.

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Safe haven Animal Rescue

Safe Haven Animal Rescue

Safe Haven Animal Rescue Inc (SHARI) is a not-for-profit, registered charity that operates in the South East Queensland region. We are a small group of volunteers working together to save and rehabilitate both dogs and cats and find them suitable forever homes.

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We take pride in ensuring all our babies are adopted with vet work completed and are placed in their very own perfect home!

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Be The Change Animal Shelter

Be the Change Animal Rescue is a not-for-profit Rescue Shelter Located in Reynella, South Australia. We rehabilitate and rehome abandoned, rescued and surrendered animals of all shapes, sizes and species.

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labrador-rescueLabrador Rescue

Labrador Rescue Inc. was established in 2007 and is a Registered Charity.
The organisation is run solely by volunteers who donate their time and open their homes to our rescues. Since its inception, Labrador Rescue has rehomed over 2000 Labradors (and some Labracats and Labragoats) into beautiful forever homes. No dog is turned away from Labrador Rescue due to age or illness.

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Our aim is to rescue abandoned, abused, neglected and unwanted Labradors and rehome them into loving homes where they are considered part of the family. Our goal is to bring awareness to the general public on the detrimental outcome of puppy farming and the sale of puppies/dogs in pet shops. We are based in New South Wales, ACT, Queensland and Victoria.

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Paws Darwin

PAWS Darwin is an animal welfare organisation with charitable status, now located in Berrimah dedicated to providing care for unwanted and stray animals with the ultimate goal of re-homing these animals to loving families. We also aim to educate the community on animal issues such as the importance of desexing your pet which is achieved through school excursions and advertising campaigns.

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At this time due to space restrictions, all our pets are in foster care so to view them we need to ask you to be patient while we organise a viewing time with foster families. All our animals can be found on our Facebook page and direct contact with our carers can be made from there. If you would like to consider fostering please let us know, we’d love to add you to our team.

All animals from PAWS are adopted out sterilised (desexed), micro chipped, up to date on vaccinations, or with vouchers for these to be used at one of our participating veterinary clinics within a set time frame post adoption. All of our animals are guaranteed to be up to date with worming, tick and flea treatment upon adoption. Our dogs also come with four free behavioural class vouchers.

Please consider adopting a PAWS pet when searching for your next best mate!

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Perth Rescue Angels

Perth Rescue Angels Inc is a Western Australian based not-for-profit animal rescue charity that strives to change the lives of homeless, neglected, surrendered and abused animals through foster care and adoption. Being a foster based rescue means that our cats and dogs live in homes with families while they are waiting for their forever homes. We are fortunate enough to have a dedicated team of foster carers and are always looking to add new members to our rescue family.

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Perth Rescue Angels specialises in rehabilitating undomesticated cats. These cats are seen as pests by many however here at Perth Rescue Angels we think every cat deserves a chance at a happy life. Perth Rescue Angels is a cruelty free organisation which means that we only fundraise using vegan, cruelty free fundraising ideas. Perth Rescue Angels Inc is an Incorporated Entity, is a registered Charity with the ACNC, is endorsed as a Deductible Gift Recipient and has a Charity Collections License.

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SAHARA formerly Sa Dog Rescue. (South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association) 

South Australian Humane Animal Rescue Association (SAHARA) Is a registered not-for-profit organisation with a no-kill approach to rescue. It is supported by volunteers in South Australia, dedicated to saving pets from euthanasia, and finding them a new home where they can live the life they deserve.

Animals come into our care in a number of ways; word of mouth, website or Facebook contact, from council pounds where animals are on ‘death row’/‘kill list’ and facing imminent euthanasia, private surrenders for a range of reasons, including relationship breakdowns, moving home where the owner is unable or unwilling to take their pets and elderly people who are not permitted to take their canine companions into to a nursing home.

When other humans let them down, we won’t turn our backs on them, as in the heart of every stray lies the single desire to be loved.

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Gumtree Greys

Every year over 17,000 greyhounds are killed in Australia when they are no longer wanted by their greyhound racing industry owners, syndicates and/or trainers.Named after the online classified site, Gumtree Greys rescues and rehomes greyhounds from a variety of sources across eastern Australia, with a primary focus on Gumtree online classifieds, regional pounds and directly from trainers. The welfare of the dogs is our primary focus at all times, and accordingly we do whatever it takes to transport and care for our rescue dogs in the most appropriate way to ensure their safe transition to a new life.

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The majority of greyhounds in Australia are destroyed once they finish racing. Additionally, many more are killed at a young age because they don’t ‘make the grade’ in competitive racing, or are born with conditions that will prevent them from racing at all. Large numbers of greyhound puppies are killed before they even reach a year old.

Unregulated overbreeding of greyhounds is a significant issue in Australia and accounts for large numbers of greyhounds being killed unnecessarily. Many pure breeds of dog are subjected to being used as ‘puppy farms’ to meet demand. As greyhounds are bred purely for racing purposes, the number of greyhounds used as ‘puppy farm’ style breeders far exceeds those of any other dog breed in Australia.In addition to our rescue and rehoming work, Gumtree Greys also focuses on education and awareness of the tragic plight of these beautiful, gentle dogs and aims to change the public misperception of greyhounds in the community.

Gumtree Greys is run by volunteers who are dedicated to the cause of rescuing and rehoming greyhounds. We rehome as many dogs as possible within our limited financial and human resources capacity. Due to the very nature of our rescue locations being over a large geographical area and predominantly regional, the costs incurred for transport and temporary kennelling have a severe financial impact. We rely significantly on the generosity of donations to continue our valuable work in rescuing and rehoming unwanted and/or retired racing greyhounds.

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Jack Russell Rescue

Jack Russell Rescue

Jack Russell Rescue is a not for profit organisation operated entirely by volunteers which has been working to save the lives of dogs since 1993. Jack Russell Rescue has up to 40 dogs in care at any one time and currently rehomes almost 300 dogs every year that would otherwise be needlessly put down in pounds around Australia.  This great achievement is primarily the work of one extraordinary lady Jill Clinch, and her small team of dedicated volunteers.


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While the majority of dogs arrive at Jack Russell Rescue from death row, a few unwanted dogs are privately surrendered to us for rehoming due to a change in circumstances, such as a marriage break up or death.  If we have the capacity, we will always endeavour to accept a Jack Russell Terrier in need. The dogs that we offer for adoption may not all be pure Jack Russell Terrier, but at Jack Russell Rescue, we believe they are all worthy of saving.

As you would understand rescuing and rehoming these dogs comes at a cost. Many need extensive veterinary treatment before they are able to find their forever home, and others take a long time to rehome during which time they are accommodated at a private kennel where we pay weekly fees for each dog. All dogs in our care are desexed, vaccinated, heartworm tested, microchipped, wormed, temperament assessed, and vet checked prior to rehoming. Unfortunately, the adoption fee rarely covers the cost incurred to save the dog.

Jack Russell Rescue relies entirely on donations and volunteers to continue its operations. Jack Russell Rescue has Charitable Fund tax status, which means all donations over $2 are tax deductible. All donations go directly to the care and welfare of our rescue dogs.

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Silver Lining Pet Rescue

We are a Not for Profit Australian Charity Animal Rescue who is foster care based. We seek to provide that Silver Lining to pets who can no longer remain in their current home or are on the kill list in a pound or help shelters that are full. Although we are based in Queensland, we save throughout Australia. Our rescue is based on the belief that finding an animal’s Silver Lining is of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.

All our animals are vet checked an have all vet work completed before they can be adopted to their new homes. Many have behaviour issues from aggression to scared and emaciated, we rehabilitate them before being rehomed. As a result, many pets are now in their Silver Lining. We would welcome the opportunity to either provide a pet for you or to re-home one for you. If you need a pet rehomed please email us at silverliningpetrescue@gmail.com

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Golden Retriever Rescue

Since its inception in 2001, when Wendy Donohue and Trisha Jarvis first thought about taking in the occasional Goldie and placing it in a new home, GRR has grown into a large and respected rescue organisation rehoming to date over 2000 Golden Retrievers.

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Situated in NSW, VIC and the ACT, and supported by a team of dedicated foster families and friends, the GRR Team welcome, rehabilitate and re-home their chosen and much loved breed of dog, Golden Retrievers. For over twelve years GRR has been placing Goldies into not only the best homes, but the home and family which suits the needs and temperament of each individual dog. When GRR place a Goldie into a home it is forever.


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BFR animals are saved from death row in Council Pounds or have been surrendered to us through no fault of their own. We are 100% No-Kill animal rescue and believe that every one of them deserves a second chance. All our animals live with our amazing foster carers until the perfect home is found and we do not have a physical shelter location. This means that our dedicated network of foster carers are crucial to our animal rescue mission and we’re always looking to welcome new foster carers to our rescue family. If you would like to join our rescue community as a foster carer – we’d love to welcome you – please click here

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Our rescue mission is only successful due our dedicated community of volunteers, foster carers, donations and of course wonderful people like you, who are considering welcoming a rescue animal into their family.

One of the benefits of welcoming a rescue animal into your family is that you get to know them a little more from talking to their foster carer. Our animals come with all vet work complete, which is paid for from our rescue and by raising donations, dedicating our time to fundraising efforts, and our foster network to help with transport and care.

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