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Why do some dogs dislike other dogs?

Why do some dogs dislike other dogs? Most dog owners who socialised their dogs regularly from a young age are blessed with friendly dogs who tend to interact and get along well with other dogs. However it is perfectly normal for even the friendliest dogs to take a dislike to a couple of other dogs. […]

Do You Feel Safe Walking your Dog at Night?

Do You Feel Safe Walking your Dog at Night? Whether it’s because we finish work late or we simply love clearing our minds with a peaceful night-time stroll under the stars, walking our dogs at night is common for many dog owners. But do you feel safe walking your dog at night? Depending on where […]

How often should I feed my cat?

How Often Should I Feed My Cat How often you should feed your cat depends on you and your cat. For example, some owners like to leave food out all the time for their cat. This makes sense on the surface because cats are natural grazers who like to eat when they please. This works […]

Is My Dog Gay?

Is My Dog Gay? The question of whether different sexual preferences exist in the world of dogs is a controversial one and one which different people have different theories on. More often than not when you go to a dog park, you’ll witness a slightly embarrassed dog owner (not that there’s anything to be embarrassed […]

Positive vs Negative Reinforcement Pet Training Techniques

Positive vs Negative Reinforcement Pet Training Techniques These 2 different methods of teaching and training pets have divided many dog and cat owners on what is best. Positive reinforcement generally means rewarding your pet when he/she does the right thing to encourage that behaviour – for example, giving a treat when your pet obeys a […]

Australia’s Best Online Pet Shop!

(Seriously, we took a vote in the office and won by a landside!)

Pet Supplies Empire is an Australian-owned and family-run online pet supplies company founded to provide a better and more affordable option to Australian pet lovers. Our unique business set up allows us to offer great products at huge discounts to competitors. We believe that every pet product sale in this country should lead to more money going toward helping less fortunate pets, without costing the pet owners a cent. Every time we receive an order, we give $1 to the animal charity of the customer’s choice at checkout. This $1 comes from us – it does not cost the customers any more money. We’re hoping our guaranteed lowest prices and speedy service will impress enough pet owners to shop with us. Our long term vision is to change the pet supplies industry to one which takes care of the pets first. We have only recently launched and begun this journey and need your help to make our vision a reality!

Here at Pet Supplies Empire, we are committed to the belief that Australians and their loving pets deserve the very best. That’s why we only stock premium brands and offer no products or brands that fall short of the highest standards. Whether it’s the most trusted dog food and cat food brands such as Advance, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Ivory Coat, Hill’s Science Diet and Black Hawk, or the most reliable flea and tick treatments such as Nexgard, Frontline Plus, Sentinel or Comfortis, you’ll find them here at guaranteed lowest prices! Our selection of dog accessories and cat accessories is also quickly becoming one of Australia’s most premium and trusted ranges. This includes dog treats, dog collars, dog leads, dog beds, dog harnesses, dog bowls, dog costumes, dog toys, cat treats, cat toys, cat beds, cat collars, cat bowls, cat litter and much more!