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  • Catsan Crystals
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    Catsan Crystals
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  • Trouble and Trix Litter Anti Bacterial Crystal
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  • Trouble and Trix Odour Neutraliser Litter Lavender
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    From $16.95 to $32.95

Catsan Crystals is the best selling of the crystals cat litter options. Catsan Crystals is made from highly absorbant silica gel crystals and is known for eliminating bad odours quickly. This product as available to be delivered straight to your door at guaranteed lowest prices! This is backed up by our price matching policy.

The main advantage of crystals litter is how long it lasts for due to its very high absorbency rate. It is also very effective at eliminating bad odours from your cat litter tray.

You never know which litter type your cat will prefer until you try them all!