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Autoship Information

Are you tired of having to remember to stock up on your pet’s food, flea and tick treatment, or anything else?

Sometimes feel like there’s just too much to remember and you want one less thing to worry about?

Do you want to save money and pay less for the things you buy regularly?

Do you want a hassle-free experience where the supplies you need just happen to turn up at your door exactly when you need them?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you definitely want to check out our flexible and easy-to-use auto-ship options! It’s so easy to set up and cancel or adjust your order at any time. Just follow the 3 simple steps below to set it up!

1. Shop: Click through our categories to the product you would like to put on auto-ship.

2. Select Auto-ship Frequency:

         a. Before you click “Add to cart”, you’ll see a box just above offering different auto-ship frequencies. Select which frequency you’d like (for example, you may wish to put your six pack of flea and tick treatment on a Six-Monthly frequency) before selecting “Add to cart”. You’ll notice the price being charged go down as soon as you select an auto-ship option!

         b. Now select “Add to cart” and proceed to checkout when you’re ready!

3. Sit back and relax! Your order is on its way and our team will ensure your repeat orders arrive at your chosen frequency like clockwork!


Q: How much do I save by ordering my item on auto-ship rather than one at a time?

A: This varies from product to product. The discount can be anywhere up to 15% off depending on the product! That’s a pretty big saving off our already heavily discounted products!

Q: There doesn’t seem to be an auto-ship option on the product I want to get on auto-ship?

A: We have offered auto-ship on all products where we guessed it would be used because those are ‘repeat’ products. This includes food, flea and tick treatment, health products, and other such items. If you would like auto-ship offered on a different item not currently offering it, we can set that up for you! Just send an email to customer@petsuppliesempire.com.au saying which product you want added to auto-ship and we’ll make it happen!

Q: What if I want to check what auto-ship orders are currently on my account? What if I want to cancel them, or pause them temporarily, or change the frequency of the order?

A: You can do all those things! Simply click on your account and then click on Auto-ship Schedules. From this page, you can review, pause, cancel, and change any of your auto-ship orders! It’s that easy!!

Q: Am I locked into auto-ship once I order it?

A: Not at all! You can cancel at any time, at no cost! Just login to your account and update your Auto-ship Schedules before we send out your next order!

Still have any questions? That’s ok. Please contact our friendly customer service team at customer@petsuppliesempire.com.au and they’ll get back to you!