Cat LED Technology

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While LED technology has been around for a while, the quality, availability and popularity of LED accessories has soared in 2016. Cat owners have started to appreciate the safety it brings when your cat is out exploring at night. This is especially true when your cat is exploring in high car traffic areas. These accessories come with USB rechargeable technology so you never have to worry about batteries again!

Our best selling cat led safety accessory has been the Loomo Collar Lights!

There’s been some really exciting innovation in cat technology supplies in recent years. After spoiling ourselves with technology for so long, it was only a matter of time before pet supplies caught up! Cat owners around Australia are now opening their minds and their homes to the hi-tech next generation of pet products. At Pet Supplies Empire, we’re committed to stocking the latest range of tested and proven hi-tech cat supplies. We’re still testing out a bunch of exciting new technology from cat supply providers around the world. Once we’re happy with it, we’ll be bringing it here. So keep checking back to see as the range expands!