5 quick home remedies for your sick dog When you’re feeling a little blue and not quite your chipper self, the simple and natural things you have at home may be all you need to pick you back up. Many of these same home treatments can be used on your little pooch too! For example, next time your dog is a little itchy why not try bathing them in vitamin E oil? Read on for more chemical free tips. Tip 1: Vitamin E oil is great for the skin but what you might not know is it’s also good for dogs with dry skin. Give your dog a massage with vitamin E oil or a vitamin E bath soak. Not only will their skin love you for it but their coat will be the envy of all at the park! Tip 2: Natural Greek yoghurt is fantastic at keeping the good bacteria in your gut and yeast infections at bay due to the live cultures. Simply give your pup a tablespoon on top of its food or as a snack. Not only will they be licking their lips but their gut will be thanking you! Tip 3: Ground oatmeal is a yummy breakfast choice but is also a miracle worker at aiding irritated skin so itching is put at bay. Stir a cup of ground oatmeal into a warm bath and let your dog soak and splash around! Tip 4: Lemon water not only is this great at kickstarting our metabolism in the morning but it’s a simple, non-toxic solution for flea prevention as fleas hate citrus. Not only will your pooch smell clean and refreshing but it means less chemicals on your dog and on young family members too! Tip 5: Epsom salt soaks and hot packs can be perfect for providing quick relief for your dog’s minor wounds and swellings. Warm water baths with Epsom salt for 5 minutes twice a day can drastically reduce healing time and swelling. If your dog doesn’t like baths or you need something a little faster, a clean towel soaked in warm Epsom salt rich water and applied directly to the problem can do the trick just as well!


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