Best Home Remedies for Sick or Injured Cats More and more people today are realising the benefits of natural home remedies for day to day problems. Home remedies can save you lots of money on vet bills and when it’s not a serious issue, they can be just as effective as other options. Here we take a look at the more common problems annoying your cat and some easy home remedies using what you already have around the house – your cat will love you for it! Providing Relief for Your Cat’s Itchy Skin: Those with cats know all too well that an itchy cat is an unhappy cat. One of the most effective home remedies is making a natural tea using fresh catnip and gently applying it directly to the irritated skin with a cotton ball. While this is a great way to provide immediate relief to the irritation, you should also consider solving the underlying problem which could be anything from fleas to diet. Determining the cause may require consultation with your vet. Cat Scratches and Minor Wounds: Too often our cats are coming home to us with fresh scratches from what we can only guess are the result of yet another fight with that mean cat down the road. These wounds are sometimes minor and don’t warrant a special trip to the vet. In these cases there are 2 quick things you can do at home. Firstly you should consider trimming the fur around the wound so you can keep an eye on it in case of any evidence of infection or inflammation. If you do start to see these signs, it’s time to visit the vet. After trimming the fur, make a simple warm water saline solution using just salt and water and use a cotton ball to gently apply to the wound. This will provide some immediate relief and help your cat heal. Hairballs: Daily grooming to remove loose hairs is very important but sometimes not enough on its own to stop the occasional hairball. One great way to help your cat deal with annoying hairballs is by adding a teaspoon of butter to his or her food once or twice a week. This acts as a lubricant helping your cat dispel the hairball more easily.


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