Cat People vs Dog People: What’s the Difference? While "bi-petuals" do exist, and we support their life choices, most pet lovers consider themselves to be cat people or dog people. So what causes us to naturally gravitate to one over the other? Are we born this way? More importantly, can we generalise about the personality traits of cat people and dog people? Yes, yes we can! Here are the most common differences between cat and dog people according to very scientific research:
  • Dog people are friendlier, more outdoorsy and more extroverted than cat people who often prefer solitude and a good book. In fact, studies even show that cat owners are much more likely to live alone than dog owners.
  • Cat people are more open minded, imaginative and creative than dog people.
  • Dog people are rule followers and generally go with the flock more than cat people who are traditionally more nonconformist.
  • Dog people are usually fairly neutral to cats, often flirting with a bi-petual existence. Cat people on the other hand are much less likely to like dogs.
  • Dog people are more likely to state companionship as their reason for wanting a pet whereas cat people are more likely to want affection.
  • As a dog person myself, this one was difficult to include but the studies have indicated cat people are more intelligent. In fact one study showed that cat people are almost 20% more likely to have completed a university degree.
  • Dog lovers are the majority. Some studies have shown people are almost 5 times more likely to be a dog person than a cat person.
  • Dog people tend to be more right wing in their political views than cat people.
  • Cat people tend to prefer more sophisticated ironic humour while dog people prefer the variety more akin to people getting hit in the groin by a ball when attempting to catch it. LOL!


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