How often should I walk my dog? Regular walks and visits to the park are important for the physical and mental wellbeing of dogs. But how often should you be walking your dog? This depends mostly on your dog. There are four main factors to consider:
  1. Breed: This is the most important factor. Dogs with higher energy levels like Border Collies or Labradors need more regular walking than lower energy dogs.
You should speak with your vet to find out how much exercise your dog needs each day. A generally accepted rule is that dogs should at least be walked for 15 minutes twice a day, but this can obviously increase depending on the dog breed. 2. Health: Most vets recommend that sick dogs stay inside and limit their walks as much as possible until they get better. Keep in mind though that if your dog has diarrhoea, it needs to go outside regularly to prevent accidents around the house! If your dog is healthy, regular walks are key to keeping it that way and stopping your dog from becoming fat and lazy! Also, giving your dog the chance to regularly go to the toilet reduces the risks of a urinary tract infection and allows you to monitor the look of the poo for signs of health issues. 3. Age: Puppies have lots of energy but generally tire quickly and can only go for regular short walks. As your dog gets older, he or she will be able to take longer walks and even runs with you. Like humans, when dogs start to get into old age (70+ in dog years), they start to slow down and don’t have the energy for lots of long walks anymore. Monitor your dog and consult the vet for walking advice as your dog ages. 4. Socialising your dog: This is particular important when your dog is still a puppy. The more a dog is socialised with other dogs and humans at a young age, the less likely it will develop anxiety or aggressive behaviour. If you’re still in doubt about how often you should be walking your dog, speak with your vet. If your dog isn’t getting walked enough, in addition to poor physical health it can become anxious and distressed causing it to act out and even become destructive around the house.


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