There are approximately 800 species of ticks worldwide, 70+ of which were all introduced to Australia except for one. This species puts absolute fear into pet owners in Eastern Australia and is extremely deadly. The name of this deadly tick is Ixodes Holocyclus most commonly know as Australian Paralysis Tick.

When the days start to get longer, and the weather starts to heat up you know your pet is protected and safe if you ensure you keep up to date with tick and flea prevention during the winter months.

It is a common misconception that ticks are only active during the warmer months or are mistakenly believed that all ticks die after the first frost. However, most of them simply slow down, but there has been a seemingly increased number of paralysis tick cases across the eastern states during the winter months.


The dangers of ticks

Ticks can transmit many diseases which cause serious problems with your pet. Joint swelling, fever, weakness, lameness and paralysis are just some signs of these illnesses and could be extreme. You might notice some irritation around the attachment sight, but they can be very difficult to locate

Early treatment is extremely important and if your pet has any symptoms/ signs of these illnesses you need to see your veterinarian as soon as they are noticed.


Is there a tick season?

Tick season does not usually start until September however as the climate warms and the changing of weather patterns, it is more likely that ticks will remain active during the colder months. Therefore, it is important to keep on top of tick prevention during winter.


Ways to prevent ticks

It is best to prevent a problem than to have to treat the problem after it happens, and a way to do so is to keep your home and pets free of these dangerous ticks. The most popular prevention medications are oral medications, such as:













Some medications are meant for tick prevention, while others work on fleas. To be able to treat your pets entire body use, oral medications they are the most effective. It’s always crucial to remember that if not treated properly or early enough, tick bites can actually cause serious issues, which can then ultimately lead to severe health problems or even death.


So, no matter what the weather is like or what season we are in, prevention is key to ensure your pets heath and safety all year round. And remember, even if your pet is up to date with their tick medication, always check your pets coat and skin each day for ticks.


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