Dog hair in your house that’s driving you crazy? Here are some quick tips to quickly manage dog hair problems.


Brush your dog
Brush your dog regularly, even daily is the most effective way to keeping your home hair free. Grooming your dog also helps keep your dogs coat cleaner, softer, and less likely to shed.


Cover your furniture
Covering your furniture is a great way to keep it looking and smelling better and will make your home more inviting to guest as upholstery is a magnet for pet hair.


The right dog food
A good diet is often reflected through your dog’s coat. High quality foods with plenty of good digestible proteins will promote a healthy coat and in turn less shedding.


Vacuum often
Be diligent when vacuuming frequently as this is one of the best ways to keep your home hair free. You can even get specially design vacuum heads that are especially for pet hair.


A fatty acid supplement
To help keep your dogs coat heathy which prevents shedding, feed your dog a fatty acid supplement such as Vets All Natural Omega Blend Oil.


Allergy and flea control
To prevent excessive scratching and to control any possible skin irritations, use products such as Advantage, NexGuard or Revolution. Simply consult your vet for the best products to suit your pet.


Bathe your dog occasionally during the summer
Your dog will shed more in the summertime. The best way to clean your dog without drying their skin out and rejuvenate their coat is to use a gentle shampoo once a week.


Use the right brush
Most dogs need more than one type of brush to remove all the dead hair. There are many different brushes and each have a specific function and work best on the type of coat they are designed for.


Remove hair from upholstery and your dog’s bed ASAP
Be sure to remove freshly shed hair from upholstery as soon as possible as it is much easier to remove rather than later; after it has time to work its way into the fabric. Sticky rollers are a great tool for hair removal and are readily available. Pet hair is an unavoidable part of pet ownership but with a little diligent effort to stay on top of the issue makes for a cleaner and tidier home.


There really is no such thing as a complete remedy to keeping excess fur in the home under control. Use of preventative measures as described earlier such as good healthy diet and over the counter products will help your home and pet stay clean and happy in the future.


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