Top 6 Dog & Cat Tech Products for 2017 There’s been some really exciting innovation in dog and cat supplies in the last 2 years. After spoiling ourselves with technology for so long, it was only a matter of time before pet supplies caught up! Dog and cat owners around Australia are now opening their minds and their homes to the hi-tech next generation of pet products. With lots of different tech products entering the market, it’s difficult to tell which ones are going to be the best sellers in 2017. We’ve had a look around and put together a countdown list of the top 6 we think are pretty cool! #6 MyPetKit Bowl: Accurate weighing and anti-bacterial technology petkit-fresh-smart-bowl-mondrian Most pet owners are pretty imprecise when it comes to the quantities of food we give our pet each day. The result is a very inconsistent and often unhealthy diet. The PETKIT App calculates the amount of food to give your pet according to a variety of factors including weight, age, breed, and food brand. Then you can use the bowl’s high accuracy weighing technology to help you feed your pet the perfect amount each day.If that wasn’t enough, the bowls are made from new anti-bacterial material that reduces contamination which causes diarrhea, as well as other unwanted illnesses! #5 LED: Stylish safety accessories loomo While LED technology has been around for a while, the quality, availability and popularity of LED accessories has soared in 2016. Both dog and cat owners have started to appreciate the safety it brings when your pets are out at night. Whether it’s a collar light to make your night prowling cat more visible to traffic or a dog harness to help keep your dog visible during night time walks, these accessories come with USB rechargeable technology so you never have to worry about batteries! LED balls are also a great way to make playing fetch at night a ‘walk in the park’ once again! #4 SPYPET: Keeping you connected to your pet from anywhere in the world spypet SPYPET is a revolutionary pet surveillance camera that utilises the latest cutting edge Megapixel compression, remote pan/tilt rotation, two way audio communication and thermostat functionality making sure you can keep communication with your pet anywhere in the world at any time! SPYPET will connect to Wi-Fi and you can access it remotely through your smart phone or tablet anywhere in the world! You can also add multiple cameras to your system to cover more area. Travelling for work and sitting in your lonely hotel room wondering what your pet is doing? Simply login to your phone, and call your pet to the camera to wish it goodnight! #3 GoBone: The world’s first smartbone go-bone The GoBone automatically entertains your dog while you're busy and opens up a whole new world of play when you're together. Simply put a handful of treats in there, tap it and it will buzz itself around the house playing with your dog for up to 8 hours. The GoBone actually personalises itself to your dog based on breed, age, weight and other variables. Or you can choose to login through the app and take control of the GoBone yourself to remotely play with your dog! The GoBone is in final production and expected to be available in time for 2017! #2 Petkit Pet Activity Monitor P2: Providing new insights into your pet pet-kit This simple looking device attaches easily to your pets collar where it records information and collects data 24/7. The information collected ranges from your pet’s activity levels, sleep analysis, calories burned, and even mood! All this information is sent to the Cloud where it is analysed, processed, and transmitted neatly to your mobile App! This allows you to login at your convenience and get day-to-day details on your pet you’ve never had access to before. Quite simply, this brilliantly conceived piece of technology will give you insights into the mind, body and spirit of your pet! #1 iFetch Too: Next generation interactive dog toy ifetch-too Coming in at #1 is the iFetch Too. Its predecessors the iFetch Original and the iFetch Frenzy are still very popular but the iFetch Too has upped the scale and taken it to the next level! Each product in the iFetch series brings something different and is suitable for different situations. Designed to suit the needs of bigger more demanding dogs, the iFetch Too is the next generation of interactive automated dog toys. The iFetch series has already won numerous awards and is revolutionising the way dog owners are keeping their dogs entertained, but expect this latest addition to sell big in 2017!


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