Weddings Are for Everyone in the Family From our years helping pet owners give their animals their very best, we know one of the things that dog and cat lovers have in common is that they view their canine or feline friend as a part of the family. So, it’s no surprise that an increasing number of Australian brides and grooms are including their beloved pet in their wedding day. Sharing Your Special Moment with Your Treasured Friend We were recently asked by Bupa Pet Insurance how to make sure your wedding day goes as smoothly as possible when your dog or cat is around. Looking back at when my own parents got married, and they tasked their black lab, Jason, with the role of ‘Best Dog’. Having a pet in the wedding ceremony is something that adds a special sense of intimacy to the event. It is as if everyone who is invited gets to be a part of something even more special. If your dog or cat is the type of pet who will appreciate being around friends and family, then including them on your day can really make your moment perfect. It can also help to relieve any wedding day jitters – what’s more relaxing than seeing your Dalmatian dressed up with a bow tie for the big day? Give Them a Special Role Consider letting your pet play a part such as best dog, ring bearer or flower girl. Your guests will love it and your pup or cat will get to feel like the star of the show with everyone smiling and giving them extra affection. You can have fun dressing your pet up with a flower garland or mini tuxedo – definitely a must for those unforgettable wedding photographs! Just be sure you designate someone to be responsible for your pet during the ceremony and make sure this person is someone that your pet is comfortable with. That way you can have fun with your guests, savour your big day, and get to see your cute little dog or cat there for the action. Also make sure to give your photographer a heads up that they’ll be capturing an extra special family member. Supply them with some props to ensure you get the right reactions at the right time from your fur baby. For more advice on enjoying your wedding day with your pet by your side, read the article we featured in for Bupa Pet Insurance: 'How to Involve Cats and Dogs in Weddings'.


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